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About Club Absolut

e This club specializes in domination play, meaning a mistress-dominatrix will cater to your fetish fantasy, from hard, physical sado-masochism to softer, erotic domination.
We regret to inform you that our club does NOT offer:
sexual intercourse or fellatio
kissing on the mouth
the chance for you to see your mistress nude.
the ability to see or date any mistress outside the business of Club Absolute.
play involving the use of any illegal drugs
…and we appreciate your understanding about these matters in advance.
Additionally, we require that customers:
Be over 20 years of age
Present a clean appearance
Have no venereal disease, communicable infection or blood-transmitted communicable disease.
Have no association with any organized crime syndicate
Our number is (052) 252-7577. If you’d like to send us an email, please click here. (Please keep your English simple for us to understandJ ) And of course, we will respond to your email in English.
Our business hours are from 1 pm until 12 midnight, every day(expect on Wednesday). Reservations for play can be made anytime after 12:30 pm; however, no reservation will be accepted after 11:30 pm.
In addition to being knock-out beautiful women who excel at their craft, several of our mistresses understand and even speak some English. This makes Club Absolute more absolutely special, as foreigners know that English-speaking women in this industry are quite rare outside of Tokyo

Hotel information

Club absolute does not keep a playroom. Our mistresses work outcall only. We can recommend the following hotels in Nagoya’s Chihaya(Shinsakae) area for your playtime. (All hotels are open 24/7.) Our mistresses will meet you at these hotels for no additional travel charge.
There accept credit cards (‘VISA’card only)
Hotel Piatt
052-937-4111 Especially very reasonably priced for short stays 100min 3400yen.~(Mon-Fri)
Our mistresses will be happy to meet you at other love hotels in central of Nagoya city, however, Club Absolute charges an additional 3,000 yen to travel to expect to Shinsakae areas.
Here in Japan, tipping is neither required nor expected. The rate quoted is the rate you pay.

About “Love Hotels”

Going into a love hotel by yourself? It’s no problem. Just walk into a lobby and you’ll see photos lit up of the rooms that are available. Press the button of the room you like, take the little paper receipt, get on the elevator & go up to your room. Then call us to tell us your room number. When your mistress arrives, your room phone will ring ? it’s the clerk asking if it’s OK with you to open the door to let her in. Doesn’t matter that you can’t understand the clerk ? just say “OK” and your mistress will come in. When your session is over, your mistress will help you to pay for the room and you can leave the room together.

Regular Courses

A hot mistress dresses up all for you anddoes her thang

Regular Courses

A hot mistress dresses up all for you anddoes her thang
Time regular members VIP members
60minutes 18,000yen 18,000yen
90minutes 27,000yen 26,000yen
120minutes 36,000yen 34,000yen
150minutes 45,000yen 42,000yen
180minutes 54,000yen 50,000yen
30 extra minutes 9,000yen 8,000yen
Extend the time? No problem!
Q: What’s the difference between a regular member and a VIP?
A: A one-time payment of 5,000 yen makesyou a VIP and entitles you to play at a sweet discount every time you call us!

Special Courses

60minutes 27,000yen
90minutes 40,000yen
120minutes 53,000yen
150minutes 66,000yen
180minutes 79,000yen
Other cool stuff you want to know about:

If you’re into it, at your request, your mistress will pee on you or in your mouth at no extra charge. That’s just the kind of thoughtful girls they are.

If you’re into something more than a golden shower (i.e. scatological play), that’ll cost you. 10,000 yen.

Club Absolute is a classy group ? they don’t nickel & dime you. No extra charge for the costume you choose for your mistress to wear; no extra charge for the little things, like scalding your naughty bits with a candle, torturing your nipples with sterilized needles, sitting on your face until you just about pass out from lack of oxygen…etc etc..

Your sexy mistress carries a goody bag filled with stuff you’ll need for your special time together.

Places to play:

Our mistresses will come directly to your room, whether it’s your city hotel room (e.g. Marriot, Hilton, etc) or a love hotel that you’ve checked into alone. Unfortunately, “business hotels,” will charge an overnight fee for your mistress, effectively doubling the rate for your stay, so meeting with your mistress in a business hotel is prohibitively expensive.

FAQ file

Q: I’ve never done this kind of thing before. Do you have a “SM for Dummies” course or something?
A: Of course. Many of our customers are new to this kind of thing, so our mistresses have plenty of experience playing with newbies. Tell her what you’re interested in, what you like, what you don’t like, and she’ll handle everything for you.
Q: Can I cum during our time?
A: Absolutely. Our mistresses carry plenty of lotion and will even lend a hand (or foot!) to help you get off.
Q: Do I have to be a member to play?
A: No, but if you become a member, your play will cost less next time.
Q: Can I remain anonymous?
A: Yes ? our mistresses don’t ask to see your ID or anything like that. Use an alias name if you want ? it’s ok!
Q: Can I request a mistress to wear a special costume?
A: Yes, and at no additional charge ? we want to make you very satisfied. We have a large wardrobe of amazing outfits in leather, rubber, summer dresses, mini-skits, corsets, camisoles, a variety of shoes, stockings, bras and so on. A lot of the major slutwear is well-represented. However, not every costume we have fits every woman who’s working at the moment you call, so we appreciate some flexibility on your part. As far as make up goes, we have a great collection of lipsticks, liners, mascara, and so forth ? if you’re really into painted ladies, we can work it out.


If you don't keep our rule, you will never be allowed to use our club.